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You Are Not Alone

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." ~Helen Keller

Support, understanding, shared experiences.

So many of us with lipedema struggle alone with doctors and family who don't understand about lipedema, or even worse, don't believe us. 

Our TRIBE Community creates a safe space to learn, to find what's right for you and your body. You can manage lipedema and live your best life. 

You are not alone!

How often in your life have you needed help for having fat arms, hips, legs, about your body but don't know what to do?

What about times that you have been in so much pain... and not known where to go or who to turn to?

The gap between your current health journey and the best quality of life with lipedema cannot be filled by knowledge alone.

We created the Lipedema TRIBE Community so you can enrich your life, learn about these chronic conditions, and connect with others to offer and receive support.

Simply, we have your back!

We have opened up our Lipedema TRIBE Community membership only once a year in June to ensure the best experience for our members. You asked and we listened. We are now opening for the new year of 2022. This will be the last time for you to take advantage of this opportunity at this price.

Are you ready to up your level of engagement for yourself? Are you ready to receive support and love from others who truly understand what you are going through - and can offer answers and help?

Whether you choose to be very active, or stay quietly in the background and just observe, we welcome you to come and find what you need.

Knowledge is Powerful

We have spent the past several years developing and implementing the MASTERCLASS series of webinars, online classes, and support groups.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWERFUL. We've learned how to help ourselves and each other. Our TRIBE Community is the best of what we have learned, available to you, at your own convenience to watch videos,  listen to podcasts, and meet with us on LIVE meetings.

Community is Nurturing

Connect with each other, our Lipedema TRIBE Community has valuable insights and feedback. Share your successes and challenges. Find answers to your questions.

Our community is supportive, encouraging, and kind. We have each other's back. This is a safe space for each of us. We ask for a gentle and respectful approach from all. Our social connections help bring a new dimension to our healing process.

Mentoring is Supportive 

Our mentors, faculty, and staff are here to support you. We have monthly LIVE Q&A sessions, and our private online support group (CIRCLE) for asking questions and discussion, We have been facilitating and coaching specific to lipedema, lymphedema, lymphatic and fat disorders for over 10 years.

We are here to help you so you can optimally help yourself live your best life and move beyond lipedema and its limitations.

 Our Faculty, Coaches, & Mentors are Here to Help

Catherine Seo, PhD. Founder & CEO, Lipedema Simplified & The Lipedema Project

Leslyn Keith, OTD, CLT-LANA. President, The Lipedema Project & Director of Research, Lymphatic Instructor, Occupational Therapist

Gail Straker, BA Ed. Director of Coaching, Keto & Fasting Coach, & Community Manager

Matthew Carmody, MD. Medical Advisor, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine, Internal Medicine Physician Practitioner, Researcher, and Primary Care Physician from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Dr. Carmody is a Lipedema and Obesity medicine lecturer and actively designing enhanced approaches to lipedema and obesity for primary care providers. He meets with our TRIBE community in small groups regularly for Fireside Chats as well as offering webinars, MasterClass, and medical consulting to our research projects.

~ Pam
New Jersey, USA

"This disease is not for the faint hearted. It takes persistence to do the things we need to do to manage this condition. Sharing my story, offering help to others and having a place to ask questions can make a big difference in living with lipedema."

~ Leonie

"The best part is knowing that I am not alone on this journey. Most of us, at some stage, have felt isolated and cut off from the lives we want to have. Being part of this group offers friendships, support, encouragement, and a sense of family."

~ Sue
Britain, UK

"I was getting bigger and bigger despite all my best efforts. When I got the diagnosis (by accident) I was so pleased it wasn't my fault, but still no diet worked. Been keto 11 months so far and lost 50 lbs and 50 inches and am smaller than I was 15 years ago and feel so much better."


"I feel like I can take on the world and succeed instead of hiding indoors waiting for life to pass me by." ~ Sue, UK

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All membership subscriptions includes:

  • Monthly live Q&A sessions with coaches and Lipedema Simplified mentors
  • Fireside chats with lipedema specialists and expert guest speakers from all over the world
  • Live workout sessions five times a week
  • A searchable library of replays of all the webinars and live sessions offered to TRIBE members
  • Online calendar of all TRIBE activities and events
  • Exclusive resources and handouts
  • Weekly enewsletter
  • Live call for technical assistance
  • Discounts to many of our offerings of up to 20%
  • 1 FREE one-on-one Discovery Coaching Session

Plus These New Extras Just Added

  • Book Club (meets monthly)
  • Meditation Group (meets 2 times monthly)
  • A new platform for community support and forums (CIRCLE instead of Facebook)
  • Message other members of the community.
  • Focus Groups (CIRCLE Pods)
  • We are continually adding new offerings so look for our expanding and growing TRIBE
  • We like surprises so prepare for a few or more over the next year!

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Shared experiences.

Our Lipedema TRIBE Community creates a safe space to learn, to find what's right for you and your body. You can manage lipedema and other chronic conditions.

NOW is your time to live you best life!









It's not too late to live your best life with Lipedema.

This offer ends on January 3, 2022.

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