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Learn from global experts, engage in deepening conversations with each other, and empower yourself with essential tools and techniques to live well with lipedema and lymphedema!


  • Stanley Rockson, MD USA - Keynote
  • Emily Iker, MD USA
  • Gabriele Faerber, MD Germany
  • Isabel Forner-Cordero, MD Spain
  • Jane Wigg, RN, MSc UK
  • Nina Manolson, MA USA
  • Roberto Cannataro, MD Italy
  • Stefan Rapprich, MD Germany

Here's what you're entitled to:

  • All sessions Oct 21-22-23 with expert speakers
  • Highly interactive community breakout sessions for conversation and discussion
  • Access to replays for 6 months
  • Access to resources and downloadable materials
  • Participation in reward points to earn free giveaways
  • Exclusive access to our private online community
  • Pre-event reception with some of our speakers
  • Q&A sessions with Laser Coaching
  • Early ebook on Manual Lymphatic Drainage MLD by Leslyn Keith, OTD, CLT-LANA
  • Post-event BONUS session
  • A BONUS LIVE Wisdom Circle (a virtual session)
  • PLUS Free access to a Bonus Offer: The Trifecta Approach to Lymphatic Diseases (valued at $297) offer valid only until September 19, 2022

What People Are Saying:

Many thanks! This is truly outstanding what you have created. While I am just starting this journey, I would be totally lost without your group and these resources. You really gave me the confidence to seek out care. To say, I am worth it! I care for others but now I need to find a way to care for myself. So to say I am grateful for you is an understatement!

Christina K.

There would have to be instant chemistry because we all came here and I know that you've been to places where people go, "Who?" They don't understand. I can sit here and I can say, "you know what, my hand swelled up so much that I couldn't hold my spoon to eat." You guys understand that without even having to say it. You guys know that. And it's so nice to be someplace, like the bar, cheers where everybody knows your name. That's where we are.

B. P.

We can compile all our individual stories with what helps with all our data and take some control of this disease to help each other and those new cases. Thank you Dr. Carmody for inspiring us to leap forward and try to address lipedema on a new level.

Desi C.