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Lipedema is little-known and often misdiagnosed. 

There are as many as 17 million women in the USA and many more globally who have lipedema and don't know it yet. Let your voice be heard.

Learn about how you can engage in more meaningful discussions with your doctor, get the right treatment options that fit your needs and live your best life with lipedema, lymphedema, and chronic conditions.

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June 1 to July 3, 2021

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What our community members say...


"KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. There are solutions. "
~ Catherine Seo, PhD

Lipedema Awareness Month 2021
FREE Live Webinar Series

We dedicate this time to raising awareness and provide offerings, encouragement, knowledge, support, and love to our community to help in managing lipedema. We are excited to share with you!

You can finally...

  • Ease the pain of serious illnesses, constant fatigue, body disfigurement, or immobility.
  • Become mentally strong and confident.
  • Reconnect with your loved ones.
  • Heal your wounds caused by heartbreaks and trauma.
  • Reduce your daily stress and rejuvenate your soul.

Catherine Seo, PhD

Dr. Catherine Seo is the Founder & CEO of Lipedema Simplified and the Lipedema Project and a professor in psychology. She produced and directed the documentary Lipedema-The Disease They Call FAT and is co-author of the companion book.

Leslyn Keith, OTD, CLT-LANA

Dr. Leslyn Keith is President & Director of Research for The Lipedema Project, an instructor in lymphedema therapy for Klose Training and Consulting.

Joanna Dudek, PhD

Dr. Joanna Dudek is a psychologist and nutritionist who specializes in contextual behavioral therapies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP). 

Jean Coletti, MPT

Jean Coletti is an MPT from the University of Pittsburgh. She is a Certified Manual Lymph Drainage and Combined Decongestion Therapist in 2001 from the Dr. Vodder School International, British Columbia, Canada. 

Matthew Carmody MD

Dr. Matthew Carmody is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and a Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. He recently retired from his practice as an Internal Medicine practitioner to focus on lipedema and obesity medicine.

Andzrej Stec, JDPSN & Kathy Park, JDPSN

Andzrej Stec and Kathy Park are both Zen teachers based in Seoul Korea. Together they lead the Kwan Um Seoul Zen Group and Daejeon Zen Group.

Siobhan Huggins

Siobhan is a researcher. In 2021, at the age of 25, Siobhan was diagnosed with Stage 1 lipedema. This diagnosis, and the journey that led up to it, resulted in her seeking to understand the condition as thoroughly as possible. She now shares what she has learned.

Shoosh Crotzer

Shoosh has been a yoga instructor for more than 45 years. She specializes in working with those with special needs including Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Lymphedema, and Lipedema. 

Brenda Gold, BHSc (PT)

Brenda Gold is a Physiotherapist and a Wellness Coach. She has been coaching & helping others in "letting go" of emotional blocks and in pain management allowing those whe works with to flow into greater freedom.

Karen Ashforth, MS, OTR, CLT-LANA

Karen is a researcher, educator, and an occupational therapist specializing in rehabilitation and lymphedema treatment. She has a hospital-based outpatient clinical practice in Stockton, California, and see patients from all over the United States.

Kathy Dwulit, RN

Kathy is a retired nurse with a BSN degree. She is currently a mentor, coach, and Community Ambassador with Lipedema Simplified. Kathy has lost 161 lbs, and gone from a wheelchair to leading exercise classes. She is on the board of The Lipedema Project and serves as Vice-President.

Gail Straker, BEd

Gail is a teacher and Community Ambassador who help others as a Certified Advisor with The Noakes Foundation, The Nutrition Network, and by being a coach and mentor for Lipedema Simplified.

Nobuhle Williams, MBA

Nobuhle Williams is a minister and pastoral counselor primarily in the USA and South Africa. A graduate of Lipedema Simplified's MasterClass program she lost 90 lbs, uses a small arsenal of tips, tricks, and hacks to help herself live a physically fit and healthy lifestyle.

Attend Our FREE Webinar Series 
June 1 to July 3, 2021

Simply fill out the form below and mark each box that applies to register for FREE. Choose any or all of the dates you will attend.