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The Lymphatic Code E-Book

Although the lymphatic system is as extensive as the body’s cardiovascular system, it performs many more functions. Yet medical school curricula typically include less than an hour of instruction about this quintessential system.

The explosion of lymphatic research in the last decade has revealed that a healthy lymphatic system is necessary for optimal human health. With this new book, Leslyn Keith, a leading expert on lymphatic health, explains in clear detail why this body system is so important and coaches both laypeople and medical professionals on how to make optimal lifestyle choices to maintain a healthy, fully functioning lymphatic system.

The Lymphatic Code also concisely covers chronic lymphatic diseases such as lymphedema and lipedema and how best to treat them. The ketogenic diet advocated by Dr. Keith will give sufferers the best chance to minimize the pain and inconvenience of their disorders, and her clear explanation will help readers implement the diet with ease.

The Lymphatic Code
is a groundbreaking book that will enhance everyone’s understanding and appreciation of the lymphatic system. Dr. Keith has an engaging and accessible way of writing that readers from all paths can appreciate. Once you understand the lymphatic system’s importance in good health, you’ll want to buy copies of The Lymphatic Code for your physician and therapists.

What People Are Saying:

Leslyn never fails to astound me with her ability to thoughtfully research, analyze and deliver information in a manner that is engaging and accessible. She is always encouraging and inspiring, and I am a better clinician and my patients are more successful because of her. I have long admired Leslyn’s passion to help her clients heal on the deepest level possible and she has outdone herself this time by creating comprehensive explanations of the lymph system, the mechanisms of lymphedema, and viable solutions for gaining control over lymphedema and lipedema.

Karen Ashforth

Dr. Leslyn Keith’s first book, The Ketogenic Diet for Lymphatic Disorders, is such an important resource in my office, that I keep complimentary copies available for every client. My lymphedema clients who implement its principles noticeably improve in limb volume, tissue inflammation, and body composition. Dr. Keith’s latest book, The Lymphatic Code, will certainly do for the general public, what her first book did for my lymphatically challenged clients. The Lymphatic Code maps out the benefits of the Ketogenic lifestyle including food choices, movement patterns, and relaxation techniques in an easy to read and implement format. I personally use these Ketogenic principles in my own life to optimize health and healing. I can’t wait to offer The Lymphatic Code to my clients so they may do the same.

Michelle Sanderson

Although many diseases are associated with inflammation, research continues to show us that lipedema and lymphedema are particularly sensitive to inflammation and that diet can be a contributing factor. In The Lymphatic Code, Leslyn explores the complex subject of dietary science in relation to our lymphatic system and makes it easy to understand. She explains why maintaining optimal health requires a diet of complete proteins and fats, and she uses clear, easily understood concepts to dispel myths about the science of ketogenic diets in relation to not only our “Standard American Diet” but other popular diets as well. Leslyn’s unique down-to-earth perspective on the multifactorial aspects of healthy habits for people with lymphatic impairments is also included in this book. She provides a comprehensive, common-sense perspective on positive physical and psychological habits that contribute to achieving and maintaining good health. This book, with its abundant resource lists, will help patients with lipedema and lymphedema gain confidence in using a ketogenic lifestyle as a tool to help control their weight, swelling and overall progression of their disease. The Lymphatic Code is a must read for those with lymphatic impairments!

Lesli Bell, DPT